Suddenly, mutants everywhere


Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 [ongoing] (Joss Whedon, Warren Ellis)

MadroX [miniseries] (Peter David)

New Mutants [graphic novel] (Chris Claremont)

New Mutants vol. 1 #1-54 (Chris Claremont)

New X-Men #114-154 (Grant Morrison)

Old Man Logan (Mark Millar)

Ororo: Before the Storm (Mark Sumerak) (subjective)

Wolverine #66-current

Wolverine: Enemy of the State (Mark Millar & John Romita Jr.)

Wolverine: Weapon X (Jason Aaron)

X-Factor [X-Factor Vol. 3 1-50] (Peter David)

X-Force [X-Statix] (Peter Milligan, Mike Allred)

X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula (Frank Tieri)

New x-men v2001 #114-154

Astonishing x-men (V2004) #1-24

House of M #1-8

Generation M

X-men : Messiah Complex

X-men : Messiah War

X-men : Utopia

X-men : Second Coming

X-men First Class (all 3 volume)

More detailled (really big) : Edit

Uncanny X-men (Chris Claremont) :

- #95-108 (Phoenix Saga)

- #129-137 (Dark Phoenix Saga)

- #141-142 (Days of future past)

- #155-168 (Brood saga)

- #210-213 (Mutant Massacre)

- #239-243 (Inferno)

- #244-259 (Outback saga / Acts of vengance)

- #294-297 (X-cutioner's song)

- #304 (Fatal attractions)

- #365-375

God Loves, Man Kills (1982)

X-men vs avengers (1987)

Age of apocalypse (1995)

New x-men (2001) #114-154

Astonishing X-men #1-24

Giant-size Astonishing x-men

House of M

Generation M

X-men deadly genesis

X-men : Schism

New Mutants v1 1983 #1-73

X-force v1 1991 #44-100

Generation X (1998) #1-28

New mutants v2 2003

Academy X 2004 #1-46

New x-men Hellions

X-force v1 1991 #116-129

New mutants v3 2009 #1-50

Generation Hope (2011)

Uncanny X-force (all)

Fallen angels


X-factor v1 1991 #71-90

X-factor Annual #6-8


X-factor v3 (David's run)

X-factor v1 (renumbered from v3) (david's run, #200+)


Mutant X (1998)

Exiles v1 (2001)

Excalibur v1 (all of it)

District X (2004)

X-men : Kitty Pride - Shadow and flame (2005)

X-men Magik (2000)

Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix

Colossus Bloodline

Magneto testament


Nation X

Sabertooth : back to nature

Ultimate x-men #1-65

Son of M


Emma Frost

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