Daredevil: Born Again
Creative Team


Frank Miller


David Mazzucchelli

Publication Info

No. of issues



Marvel Comics





 "Born Again" is a Daredevil story arc written by Frank Miller (before he went insane), drawn by David Mazzucchelli and published by Marvel Comics. The story arc originally appears in Daredevil #227-#233.

The story arc details Daredevil's ex-girlfriend, ex-porn star, heroine addict Karen Page selling Daredevils identity (Matt Murdock) for a hit. The information makes its way back to the Kingpin who then goes on to ruin Murdocks life in about every way possible. Having lost everything Murdock hangs on the edge of sanity and has to rebuild his life.

This series is notable for being the main reason Marvel can't seem to give this guy a break. BECAUSE BEING BLIND ISN'T BAD ENOUGH.

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